Monday, December 28, 2009

A Monday in the Life of Choppy

I have now answered the question of what my dog does all day while I am gone. It appears that, for the most part, she sleeps. So, here's a brief look at what Choppy did all day while I was at work.

First, she looked out the window. This is the window sill:

Then, she went upstairs and slept for the rest of the morning on my bedroom floor until I got home. Here is the armoire, sideways (presumably because Choppy was lying down):

I came home for lunch, and she went outside, where she showed off why one task that needs to be completed next summer is the re-painting of the back door:

The afternoon? More of the same. Choppy headed back to the bedroom for some more sleep - and a picture with mostly nose, and a little bit of bed:

And tonight? Watching me put the television together:

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