Friday, January 15, 2010

Prepared for Rain

I'm leaving for work (as you can see on the left), but Choppy snapped a picture of the umbrella in the corner (as well as my shoes and the cord I used for my Christmas lights outside):

Taken: January 13, 2010
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana


  1. Sarah, I love the photos taken by Choppy with his cam. Please post more!

    I wish I had the presence of mind to attach a camera to my dogs (now RIP) a few years back when their paw marks on furniture and counters suggested that they had a very interesting life indees whil I was away at work during the day.

    Your idea is brillliant; keep it going!

  2. Thanks! She has been taking pictures recently, but she seems to look at a lot of the same things day in, day out (perhaps this suggests I should get her out of the house more...).

    She has the camera on right now while I am at work, so hopefully, she will find something interesting to take a picture of.