Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off to New Orleans!

I'm headed to New Orleans for the weekend. Which required me to dress up Choppy:

In case you haven't figured it out, Choppy did not take that picture.


  1. Hi Choppy and Sarah!

    Thanks for commenting on Boogie's blog. Oh my - this is so inspired. Now I want a camera for Boogie. The only thing I fear is that his photos will reveal how badly I need to vacuum and clean my floors.

    Can I ask what type of camera it is? Can we see a pic of Choppy with the camera?

  2. I love the camera - she can take it out into the snow without any problems. Here's a link to it:

    For me, the worst part is not seeing how dirty things are around the house (I tend not to post those pictures on the blog - she seems to love finding my dirty clothes that didn't quite make it to the laundry basket). The worst part is realizing that the moment I leave the house, Choppy starts doing things that she can't get away with when I am home!

    And I will definitely get a picture of her wearing it tomorrow - right now, she's asleep (which is what I should be doing), and I'm not going to wake her up, lest I find myself with a very awake dog just as I want to go to bed!

  3. Hi Sarah

    Boogie goes in his crate when I leave the house, but before we learned to use the crate he used to go through the trash, destroy cushions, relocate furniture, and send out random IM messages on my computer. I would have LOVED to have captured all that on camera :)

    Does Choppy do any "naughty stuff" when you are out?

  4. Choppy used to use the crate, but when she turned about 8 months old, she started refusing to do so (and I was unwilling to put up a fight to get her in there). Luckily, I can come home at lunch, so she gets a mid-day chance to go outside that helps get her through the day.

    She is only minorly naughty when I am away - she sleeps on the couch she isn't allowed on, and she counter surfs, but otherwise, she tends to spend most of her day asleep (though she does sleep on the couch every single day, which is quite annoying. And I never catch her doing it while I am at home, so obviously, she's just slightly devious and knows she can't get away with it when I am at home). No doubt, she is saving up all her energy for when I come home.

    Happily, nothing like your Boogie's antics to come home to!

  5. I didn't have time to grab a picture of Choppy with her camera and post it last night. Hopefully I will get to it today!