Wednesday, September 1, 2010

15 Minutes With Choppy

Three pictures to illustrate 15 minutes in Choppy's life today:

In this picture, I am home. Choppy is lying on the floor, presumably content (though she is staring at the couch, which suggests she is not entirely content).

Here, I am headed to the store. Choppy is watching me go.

Shortly thereafter, Choppy has abandoned the floor for the couch. Bad Choppy!

Taken: September 1, 2010
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana


  1. Cute, they all end up on the couch as soon as we leave LoL I just lift my cushins so that way my Kalee doesn't go on it that way :)

    Have a nice day... ** Woof Choppy! **

    ps: may i ask where you got that little camera?

  2. So caught Choppy! I think I might have to grab one of these for Kasi, see what that little Sneaker does while I am away.

  3. Sarah got the camera on Amazon, though my Grandma bought her one from a catalog last Christmas (which makes very little sense to me, as my Grandma is cool and I wouldn't expect her to purchase me something that informs Sarah of what I do while she is away).

  4. Did she get it from LTD? I looked everywhere for one, had no luck. The Uncle Milton one is pretty nice, although with Kasi's fascination with the water bowl... I don't think it'd last long :)

  5. Thanks Choppy, definitely gonna look for one ;)
    Hope you still had fun over the week-end tailgating :)

  6. It's the Uncle Milton one. You can get it at several places online, as far as I know.