Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gimme Some Food!

This morning, I was having breakfast and Choppy decided she would beg for some bacon.

There's her little paw on my leg.

Taken: July 24, 2010
Location: Cross Plains, Wisconsin


  1. Dear Choppy:
    The best way to beg is not use your body at all. Owners become resistant to paw shoves, brushes against body and etc. Plus, it a lot of work. It better to use the eyes -- the more pathetic the better. No owner in my lifetime can resist the Jedi mind trick.
    Love your friend, Kramer.
    auntie Patty will Don't tell her.

  2. Well, didja give Choppy some bacon? Or did you just hog it all, leaving none for the poor, loyal whimpering pooch?