Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Camera Has Arrived!

Look what came today!

Choppy's new camera! I have it charging up right now, so expect some new posts over the weekend!

And also, it came a full day early - Amazon, you rock!


  1. Like this. Though if our dogs were more juvenile, with ZAC, LUCY, LUNA, JESSIE, CHICO
    we could claim to have our own PUPPARAZZI.
    Love - Dee Madhi Swift

  2. how does this camera works? where did you get this?

  3. Hi Bessy - It came from Amazon. There are some other places you can get it online, but that was easiest for me!

    Basically, you hook it on the dog's collar, then download the pictures to your computer. I keep meaning to do a post on this - I'll try to do one in the next couple weeks!